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I'm secretly still in love with you.
But shh.. don't tell anyone(;
i'm in..
trouble, i'm adicted to this girl;
she's got my heart
in a knot
and my stomach
in a whirl, but even
i can't stop,;,
thinking about her.

<3 Holy Shizz,, I Terribly Sick,, I Got
Bieber Fever
Drew Flu
Call The Doctors©
Not my format

I love when you call me pretty,
And when you tell me my hair's outta line,
I mean, sure ill be sending mixed signals..
But at least you and i both know,
We together are perfect enough to tell me my flaws,
+& We're great enough to accept them.

D o i n g  n o t h i n g,
Is very hard to do;
because you never know when your finished

How many times have I told you? DON'T MAKE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU!

It's hard to swim in a world so shallow.
Just fallow dory's advice;


"just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming
swimming.. all you gotta do is swim swim swim"


..and you'll be just fine:)

It’s liars like you that I wanna forget
And its people like you I’m gonna regret
We gotta take the  good with the bad
But what do we do && where do we run
When the bad out does the good
How loud do you scream??

Damn it.. 
You stole my heart again.
& its all because of that stupid adorable smile!

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