Quotes added on Saturday, April 9 2011

are the light that illuminates
our soul's divinity


Don'yojuslove ;
those "friends",   where no
one else's problems fcking
but theirs

Unless you have lived my life, don't judge me.
Because you
*never have&never will*know ever
thing & detail
about me
&& wenn im standing with u...and shes there...icant even explain how utterly WORTHLESS ifeel


Right now, I am numb. And my house hold is tense. Yesterday, I walked into the house, my father called me over and said that my mother accused him of molesting me and she was planing to take him to court. He said he was leaving, he actually started packing a bag, he went outside to talk to friend when my aunt called. Earlier my brother texted me and asked me if our parents were acting weird. Besides moodiness and more fighting, not really. Which was 20 minutes before I got home. So when my dad asked if he molested me, I texted him, telling what was going on (he's in college... 9 hours away). Then when I told him dad was leaving he called, and since I'm so close with my brother, I broke down telling him him how scared I was. He texted my aunt telling her to call me. When I told her what happened, all she could do was tell me to breathe. When my father came in, she convinced him to stay, and they were deciding whether or not if my brother and I was staying with her for a little while. At 7:30 I had to go to the library to work on something with a club, I hoped that everything would be normal. Well, it wasn't when I got home, my mom was have another mental break, making up all these weird stories I couldn't hear. Some thing was wrong with her medication. (A combination of her not taking it, and her doctor didn't call it in.) So, my dad has us pack our bags and we spent the night with our aunt. Today at school, I spent a lot of time with my Social Worker due to the fact that I didn't know what to do, I still don't. I don't have anyone (minus my brother who is college and I don't wanna burden him, he's finally away from this drama, I don't wanna make him think about more than he has to.) and my social worker who I only see during school. And none of my friend know about my family life. (One does but she doesn't know the effects it has on me...) Okay, so that was my secret, or more-or-less, the last 2 days of my life. If you're still reading this..thank you, I love you.
"My Heart Is A Museum Filled With Pictures Of You."


give you so much strength,
yet be your

onl weakness?


>>>>Love isn't a big thing;
it's a million little small things.


There’s always…

A little truth behind every I don’t know
A little curiosity behind every just wondering
A little emotion behind every I don’t care
A little knowledge behind every I don’t know
A little pain behind every I’m ok
A little love behind every I hate you
A little I need you behind every leave me alone
A lot of words behind the silence 

im sorry that im not perfect
im sorry that im not a str8 A student
im sorry i lie sometimes
im sorry that i cut myself
im sorry i want to die 
im sorry that all i can think about it u
im sorry that i cry every nite and day
im sorry that im weird and crazy and random at times
im sorry i am always upset
im sorry i have been thro hell and still am
im sorry if im not the girl u wanted me to be
im sorry im not pretty enough
im sorry that i LOVE you
im sorry that i want to help u and all u do is lie
im sorry that all i can do is tell u that i love you and u dont care 
im sorry that sometimes i want to date girls not gui 



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