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You were image inside my head, till everything changed.

I didn' fal l off my

I just like the floor.


REAL guys , are an ENDANGERED species ! (:



chapter 2

when i got inside my dad lowered his newspaper just so his eyes were peering over it "so i see mike is back " he said sounding unpleased " yeah he just got back today " i replied . he sighed then nodded and went back to his paper. dad never liked the idea of me dating but mom talked him into it. i sat down at the table and my mom slid me a grilled cheese. "are you excited to go to the new school?" my mom asked me. "i guess " i shrugged. " it just terrible how they had to close your school, all those teachers losing there jobs and now this new school, George Washington high school, is going to be packed with kids." mom explained " i just hope i have classes with Sami and mike" i said. " well you can always make new friends and anyway you see sami all the time, you two are inseparable. unless of course your with mike." she said. " sooo" i mumbled. "what ?" mom questioned. "oh nothing" i said while taking the last bite of my grilled cheese and headed up to my room.i layed down on my bed to rest.


i woke up to the sound of samis voice telling me to wake up "jenna !!!!!!" she exclaimed "ughh what?" i said shoving me face into my pillow " god ms. grumpypants over here" she said " really ms. grumpypants?" i lifted my head up slightly just so she can see me smirk. "alright whatever it was the first thing that came to my mind . soooooooo anyway i heard mike is back ." she nudged me " you have heard right, congradulations !" i teased. ignoring that she continued " so have u seen him yet?" i sat up knowing the conversation wont be ending soon." yeah but only for a little" i replied " oh thats cool ! " she seemly hyper as usual " so do u wanna go for a walk near our new school just to look around ?" she asked " sure, why not " i got up quickly changed, fixed up my hair, and put on a little makeup.

30 Days , 30 Letters

Day 3 , Your Parents

Dear Mom&Dad ,
You arent together and havent been for awhile. But its ok i got use to it. Daddy I dont like your girlfriend , she changed you , you deffinitly arent the same . We were so close . She ruined it and so did her kids , she lies to you all the time . And you even know it . Whenever you want to do something with me or if you want to buy something she gets mad at you . She took ove rhe house and eventually i DID move out to live with mom . And you know i dont really get along with mom . And mom youre always so mean to me . Randomly you start yelling at me or amanda . Ive been through alot and you act like you dont care . but its whatever 
LoveYouGuys ,
Deanna .

On April 9, 2011 a tornado tore through my county destroying a town.

142 homes and businesses are damaged and 60% of the town is gone.

There are 1200 people that live in the town, there were three injuries, the worst being a broken leg.

press the <3 for the Miracle in Mapleton
i have a problem..... :/ guys make things so hard...ugh....
I seriously love you more than life itself..
The only thing.. you werent here for me when i really needed you.
He was not the one i call my boyfriend but the one that called me beautiful.
The one that i can trust with my lifee
the one that i wish was you.

I'm dating you but he is more there for me than you are.....

O h . . .
y o u   g o t   a   t a n ?
I thought you took a bath in

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