Quotes added on Wednesday, April 13 2011

Don't say something is GAY if you mean it's dumb or stupid...

chances are, it's hurting someone around you.

now im crying myself to sleep every night,
wondering where everything went wrong,
thinking about how much im gonna miss you,
knowing that im never gonna be in your arms again,
never gonna feel your lips against mine again,
never gonna taste you again,
nothings ever gonna be the same again.
everything you said to me was bullshit.
no you didnt mean a word you said.
loving you was my tragedy
yours was letting me go .

          There's a THIN
              line between having a nice tan,
                  and looking like you rolled around

i know the real you.
the one nobody sees.
i know the you that everyone wants;
b u t  n o b o d y  k n o w s .


Piglet: 'How do you spell love ?'
Pooh: 'You don't spell it, you feel it.'


i still get butterflies...


were like fire & gasoline
im no good for you
your no good for me


Dear Diary,
Today i met a boy...
stole my heart... 
& wont give it back...

But compare to your eyes
nothing shines
quite as bright 
Tell her you love her but mean it.
Or she'll run off and leave it.
If you tell her you love her and don't mean it
Well. Us girls have a thing where we believe it.
So don't go around saying things you know are lies,
Because baby all you'll ever know are "good-byes."
Trust me, I know. It's always the same
But you know what, you're the one to blame.
When the right guy falls out of the sky
And takes your girl, you'll know why.
You were a player and that's the truth
I've dealt with many guys like you.
She was perfect, amazing, sweet, kind
But looks like she left, guess you don't mind.
Run after that amazing, beautiful girl,
Let her know, she is your world.
One day all guys like you will learn
But it starts with you, it's your turn.


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