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one day

my world

       will end,

      b u t   i   w o n 't   d i e.
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We're too young to care about relationships; I mean really we're only teenagers. These are the last years to really mess around and be kids. When we're older we're going to wish we stayed young as long as we could instead of trying to find "love." It's a waste of time. Be friends with boys, have a "thing" with a boy. Hell, Flirt with a boy, but don't worry about being together. Too many girls today rush into having a billion relationships, what's the point? So wait awhile, it might be hard, but when you're older it will be well beyond worth it. YOU'RE ONLY YOUNG ONCE. Go fly a kite. Go watch Disney Channel. Go draw with chalk. Go play with board games. Go play tag. Go swing on the swings. Go be obnoxious. Go be carefree. Go be YOUNG, while we still can; and worry about the other stuff later(:

favorite, comment, follow. ♥

Am i the only one

that falls UP the stairs???.

I wanna be the girl he's afraid to lose,

[I wanna be the girl he shows off to all his friends,]
 I wanna be the girl he isn't embarrassed to be with,
I just wanna be the one he loves
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-Sometimes, It takes a really good fall; to show where you stand ♥

Every minute no matter what I do my world is an empty place.

I need someone to
fix me..


before i fall apart completely.

:( Kim.my.life

[ h i s ] deep brown eyes.   

boys try  to  act sexy  but  it  never  works
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