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Please let this love story,
Have no ending at all♥


Drop it like its

My friend is a player so i just let him know. You know what he said?
He said his not a player,
his an adventurer...


Say it to my face, not

your status. 


I wish I knew what to do
Is it him or is it you
My heart is being torn apart
I should have known this from the start
I wish the drama would end
And my heart would mend
Let's put the BROKEN pieces back together

Life was
much easier
when Apple
and Blackberry
were just

Unexpected Love  
Chapter 17 part 2
They all got up to get breakfast which again left me alone. I figured they would probably eat in here so I just sat and waited. After about 5 minutes I figured I had the ice on long enough and went to go put it back, and it was taking them an awfully long time to get breakfast. When I got to the doorway of the kitchen I heard them all talking so I stopped and listened. “Look guys, she’s really upset. Her birthday’s tomorrow and she’s stuck here, we’ve got to do something.” It sounded like Ryan’s voice. “Of course, but how?” I heard Steph ask. “I could talk to Tim and see if you guys could go out and buy some birthday stuff and what not. Of course Rob or I would have to go with you.” Ryan said. “I think Rob should go, having you go might seem a little suspicious.” Tanner said. “Alright then. I’ll talk to him when he gets home.” Ryan said. “Okay, but I think we should get back, she’ll think something’s up.” Kristen said. I quickly hopped back to the living room and put the ice back on. They all walked in and sat back down with there breakfast. Ryan came in last holding two plates. “Here, I got you some breakfast, and I think you can take the ice of now.” “Thanks.” I said as he handed me the plate and I took of the ice. As I was eating my breakfast I had one thought on my mind. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow.
Comments anyoneee????? How do you guys like it so far???
Sorry its two parts. Witty said it was too long!

I thought
......Does that not apply to you???

love how on some quotes i pour my heart out...

and then.....5 faves...wow really...?


my zebra...he's addicted to meth...& i've told it a million times to stop,
but it won't listen to me, he's suicidal. he says "WHO CARES IF I DIE"
and then starts singing the theme song to pokemon & power puff girls.
but i tell him, "listen, people do care man. they do."
so, if 32957932563253982568326532 people fave this,

please, witty girls, i'm counting on you!


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