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GPS is more reliable then boys(: 

my format

That mini heart attack

you qet when
-Yuu'r shavinqq
&yu qo over a cut yuu alreadyy have&it hurts a little<3


30 days of Letters

Day 1

 Dear Him,

    When you smile all I see is happiness in your eyes. The radiance of a young teenage boy. Your eyes couldn't be anymore green. I love the way you won't admit that you look like Buzz Light Year, and your cute "To infinity and beyond impression." I don't know if you like me, you probably don't, I'm not apart of your crowd. The other day though, when I saw you during break, you made me laugh just because you were standing there. I don't know what this is. Maybe I just like the idea of you being mine. So for the 30ish days that are left in the freshman school year, let me just pretend that we could actually be something.



ME: Wanna video chat??? =)
BEST FRIEND: SURE =D ....Let me put a shirt on first.!



You know shes your best friend when she tells you these types of things and your not weirded out..and still love her

I’ve always wondered,

What if inanimate objects had feelings? A rock? Glasses? Tissues? What if the rock didn’t want to be thrown into the water? What if your glasses didn’t want you to leave and replace them with contacts? What if the tissues didn’t want to be used and thrown away in a couple of seconds? Maybe the inanimate objects have a world of their own, where we, the humans are inanimate. It’s kind of sad if you look at it. Imagine how a balloon would have felt when you let it go and watched it fly away and disappear. Or the birthday candles’ lives that only lasted mere minutes before you blew them out to their death. The world is crazy. I’m probably crazy for saying this, but what if it were true?..

I can dream about you ♥ 


Those days...
when all you want to do is shut
your eyes and forget all your
problems. But you just can't,
you cry and cry,
and then you go on witty,
and you realize,
i'm not the only one that
knows what this feels like.
I have my witty sisters,
when I feel totally alone in this
world ♥

it's When You're Afraid But You Keep On Going<3

Love is like a bar of soap, once you think you got it, it slips away.





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