Quotes added on Monday, April 25 2011

'Cause girl i'm down on my knees, promising my heart.
I’m just a little kid. I’m a 5 year old trapped in a 16-year-old girls body. I sing when I walk down the street. I’m always the first one to run out to the ice cream man in the summer time. I still pee with the door open and dance to the sound of the shower. I still believe in the tooth fairy. My favorite holiday is Christmas and I stay up extra late to see if I can catch a glimpse of Santa. I sleep with my blanky and teddy bear every night. The first sign of grass and its finally summer. Skimpy shorts and tank tops don’t interest me, I’d rather be wearing my Xbox pjs. Growing up is for the one's who can't have fun. 

watch my face
as I pretend to feel no pain.                                              


I like how Ninja turtles wear masks
Good way to hide your identity
Its not like people will notice that you're a giant freakin turtle!


Don't promise me the stars,
promise to lay under them with me <3

 Yo Mama so fat ;

When she went to a hotel she asked for a water bed so they put a blanket over the ocean.,

People need delete , mute, pause, etc,, button badly now a days daayum .

I guess that's what happens in the end..
you start thinking about the beginning.

Everything Happens For A Reason
I'm Still Waiting To See What That Reason Is


Me and you is friends,

You Smile, I smile

You Hurt, I Hurt

You Cry, I cry

You Jump off a bridge,

I'll Miss your emails...


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