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I miss you. 
Plain and simple. 
I just miss you.
This quote does not exist.
Usually when someone asks if your okay
and you say nothing.
That person should know something is wrong

true love is when you shed a single tear and still want him.

Answering an "unknown" number on your cell.....
because you're a fearless person. :)

&& i love randomly yelling out, 
hey ugly !
and waiting to see,
who turns around

sorry if something like this is already on here.


Why Do you Love me?
Oh   Yeah  ,     Because   t o   you    I   am
amazing  and   beautiful

Even t hough you ' r e t he f i r st per son t o eve r c a l l me t hose things . . .

you s t i l l mak e me f ee l as i f t hey ' re t he o n l y wo r ds t hat can desc r i be me

I love you.



& He's my prince charming ,
But i'm not his cinderella

Wonder if anyone notices
the girl who looks to his lunch table constantly to see if he notices her living without him.

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