Quotes added on Wednesday, April 27 2011

*pulls ugly face in front of friend*

'Would you still love me if I looked like this?' 


Over the past year I've learned many lessons.
I've learned to appreciate things when you have them because at any second they could be gone. I've learned to stop and take in the present, instead of worrying about the past or future. I've learned to try and find beauty in the ugliest of places. Everything's beautiful if you look underneath the layers. I've learned who my true friends are. Those are the ones who will listen and talk with me until I finally fall asleep. I've learned that friends come and go. I've learned to trust few. I've learned that trying new things will help in the completion of the person I want to become. I've learned to be a role model to my younger brother. I've learned that I don't always have to hide my emotions. It's okay to cry sometimes. It's also okay to cry over a boy. I've learned not to let my heart go so fast; it just makes the heartache at the end that much worse. I've learned that I'm not as strong as I thought I was, but that's alright. No one's bulletproof and everyone deserves a weak moment. I've learned that I can't always please everyone. Picking and choosing is sometimes necessary in order to live a happy life. I've learned that first and foremost I need to worry about myself. Worrying about everything else happening around me is too overwhelming. I've learned that heartbreak is the absolute worst feeling ever to be experienced. It never fully goes away. I've learned to not give out second chances so easily; people tend to take advantage of this and end up hurting you even more. I've learned to never lose faith in love; it can cause pain, but the happiness experienced from the joyous parts of it is breathtaking. I've learned that no matter how much I want something, if it doesn't work out, it was never meant to be.
I guess you could say-
I've grown up.

During class, ask to go to the bathroom. stay in your seat and when the teacher asks if you're going to go, say "i just did."

T H A T   M O M E N T:
When you work out how to make your own fades.

Facts about ME #3
I had my first boyfriend this year. And not knowing the game to well I fell for my second boyfriend.

i hate when guys brag about making their girlfriends cry,
it's like
"cool, you're breaking her heart,
does that make you feel like a man?"


My typical Saturday night?

w w w . o m e g l e . c o m

you brought out feelings in me, 
i never knew i had

& they say follow your heart;
but if theres a million pieces which one do you pick..

i have had my heart broken so many times ,
i don't know what love is anymore ; i'm lost
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