Quotes added on Sunday, May 1 2011

oh, these times are hard
and their making us crazy,
don't give up on me baby. <3

Why do you even exist? We all hate you. All I do is waste tissues while you're around, and complain about my killer headaches. Get outta here
L o v e,
The Girl Who Can't Stop Sneezing 
Leave it to Bieber <3



 I think a lot when I'm in the shower.


"noth ing  t akes  the  t aste  out  of  peanut  butter  quite  like  unreturned  love."
-charlie brown.

pass me another bottle, honey
the jager's so sweet.
but if it keeps you around, then i'm down... ♥ ♥
Do you ever think when someone blows out their candles from their cake that their spit flies on the cake we’re about to eat?
Is it only me??
Fave if you just thought bout it!
Okay, i need advice. I gave my love, my heart, and everything to a guy i am absolutely in love with. Now he stabbed me in the back and said he regretted having me as his first kiss, i am way too emotional, and dating me was the biggest mistake he's ever made. But he dated me four times! He said that to my friend like a week or two ago, but yesterday, he told me he likes me. What do i do?

"Falling in love?
I hear it's rare...
but these two kids who are
really perfect

for each other had it happen"


If you wanted a soft serve you should've gone to Dairy queen ;)
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