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brohah. broski. bruh. brah. bro.
either way, their your friend. don't let them down.

Late night talks, early morning calls, texting her throughout the day, she never leaves me, and I'll never leave her <3  She has it all, the way we can talk for hours and hours, her beautiful blonde hair, pretty hazel eyes, and that gorgeous smile I can't get enough of.  She's my everything, my other half. She's always there for me, always there to talk to. She's the reason I'm as happy as I am, which is the happiest I've ever been.  Hearing the words I Love You from her mean more than anything I could dream of. You Shine Darling <3
I'm scared, and hurt
I lie in the dirt
I wait for some help
but its as if no one can find me

I look a the sky
But can't help but cry
When I think of how soon
I'll Be Dieing

Its Heaven or Hell
Can't Be Saved By The Bell
When Bells are the ones that are calling

I'm cold and I'm lonely
But theres no one to hold me
Or Rock Me To Sleep At Night

God is calling
But I'm still Bawling
When I  fall into emptiness that gradually consumes

all mine <3 comment for ideas or requests...i can write poems for people with any situation (:


Always remember what someone says in a fight,

Because that’s when


The truth comes out


*not my quote






Why do you [ c o n s t a n t l y ] feel the need
to be as obnoxious as possible?

for once, i just want you to choose me over her.
before you fall asleep, i want to be the one on your mind.
when you're alone, i want you to wish i was there beside you.
i just want to be your first choice.
i want you to have the same feelings for me that i have for you.
because im tired of being hurt.


Do you ever
Feel like your not good enough?
Like you never have been,
and never will?

I do.
All the time.
Every single day.


I feel like
if i just disappeared
No one would care.


They would even be better off,
now that I'm gone.


Especially my family.
I've always been a disappointment.
At least,
I''ve always felt like one

People at school?
They wouldn't care.
No one would.
People probably wouldn't even notice.


No one understands.
No one cares
That's me.


Maybe I should run away.
Forget everything.
Start over.
Let my family live a better life,
without me.
Because I have no one.


I am alone.
All alone.
No where to go.
No one who loves me.


That's me.




Roses are red
Violets are blue
i Have 5 fingers , & ' the middle one is for you.


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