Quotes added on Thursday, May 5 2011


&- Finally;
 She's going to bed with a

Smile on her face..♥ 



"Whether it's a heart attack or heartbreak, just like Broadway, the show must go on."
rachel berry.


I'm just another face your tired of chasing :\
So, If They Buried Osama At Sea, I Can't Wait To See New Episodes Of Spongebob.♥ :D

who here watches glee?
is it good? people keep telling me that i should watch it... i'm not sure thoughh.!

I would say that that you've been on
my mind since i woke up this morning,

but you were in my dreams too.


But I know what you're tryna do,
You've got every girl here 
thinking you like them too

& i was just wondering if you could tell me when you stopped caring?          </3

I love you more than I did before

you cry, i cry
you laugh, i laugh
you sigh, i sigh
you jump off a bring. man im sure gona miss ur facebook pokes

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