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Something in his deep brown eyes has me saying
      he's not all bad like his reputation






to those who fail to appreciate

 what they (already] have.///


this means you..;)

The Right Way #59


          "Gosh, it is so beautiful here," I said as I sighed in the fresh fragrance of flowers.

          "Eh, it's alright." I looked over to see Ryan shrugging. I raised my eyebrows, not seriously believing he couldn't think this place wasn't extraordinary. "Im comparison to you," he continued.

           I just rolled my eyes. "Puh-lease, how many times have you used that one before?" I asked him.

           "Not any time when it actually counted," he countered back. Then I blushed. At least it was dark out so he couldn't tell.

           We were walking at the back of the group, and we could just make out that Jordan was telling everyone about when he accidentally fell off the dock before getting on the boat that took them fishing.

            "How was your day?" I asked quietly.

            He was silent for a while. His hand was warm, and I gently squeezed it, urging him to go on. "Hard, difficult."

            I stopped in my tracks. He looked at me, trying to decipher my actions. I just shook my head and continued walking. "Skye, stop." I turned. "What's wrong?"

            "I don't even know! Let's just go, okay?" He shook his head and grabbed my hand, pulling me along with a smile on his lips.

           We all arrived at the private room and sat down at our assigned seats. There were more people now, all the friends and family that came down for the wedding had flown in today.

           Ryan sat next to me and held my hand under the table. His thumb stroked the back of my hand calmly, reassuringly. I made it through the next few hours of talking with relatives and friends, and they seemed to like me.

           "They love you, you're doing great," Ryan whispered, echoing my thoughts. I smiled slightly and turned back to his cousin, who was sitting on the other side of me. We were talking about the college she was going to in the fall.

          Suddenly, there was a loud crash behind us. I turned in my seat, and saw the waiter. He had dropped a stack of plates, and now there was glass all over the floor. He met my eyes with a seirous look and a wink, and turned on his heel out of the room.

           I slowly turned back to the table and let the management take care of it. "That's him," I whispered to Ryan. He tensed and stared at the side of my face, because I wouldn't look at him.

           Why couldn't I have one normal day here? Why? I thought to myself. The dinner was soon over and we headed back to the room, Ryan and I.

            "I have a surprise for you," he whispered.

            "Oh, yeah? What?" I played along.

            "You'll see. Get dressed, something casual."

Dear People who read my quotes,
If you read my quotes and don't get them read them again and think about it or better less Google it.

With Love,


Boy, why you so obsessed with me?♥



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the love of my life,


Here on out
Chapter 1

I woke up on a sunny  morning to the sun shining through my curtains. I went to the kitchen and made some toast with peanut butter and put some more toast in for Eva  .Mom was off work so she could take my sister Eva to the Barney stage show and I decided today was a chill day seeing I had a terrible cold .Just me a block of chocolate and a movie marathon. Eva came down the hallway and to the kitchen with this huge sad frown on her face.
"What's wrong baby?"I asked her pulling her onto a chair.
"Don't get too close or you'll get my cold."I reminded her.
"I wont get a cold ,don't worry about that. What I'm sad about is Mommy has to go to work .That meaning I can't see Barney .Can I have penut botter please on my toast?"She said very upsett.
"Awwww,"I say as I go in for a hug.
"I haves a idea!"She said exictingly before I got to hug her.
"What's that?
"You can take me!"
"I can't, Mom will have the car,and I allready have plans and besides all of that I have a big cold,sorry baby maybe next time?"I said going in for another hug.
But she just pushed away and screamed in my face and ran up to her room and slammed the door.

Hope you liked ,It got alot more instore! :)

You are my best friend.
I go to you when I need to talk.
I tell you everything about my life.
You never judge me.
You are the only one that knows who I like.
You are my best friend.
And I love you.

oh sorry, i thought since
we were friends since we were babies
& everything you'd actually care
if you lost me.  my mistake
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