Quotes added on Sunday, May 8 2011

E v e r y o n e
always tells us to

Why smile?
If there's nothing to smile about.


i'm a waste of space.


Mom iknow im
gonna be bitchy

alot cause im
a teenager

but i wanna thank you for everything you have done for me ILOVEYOU<3 Happy Mother's day

Click the ♥ if you will always love your mom no matter what

I get a shiver
when I think about you


sometimes I think you could do so much better than me;

But I'm just too selfish to give you up. 


Why Are There No Wal-Marts In

Cuz There's Targets On Every Corner.. 

i hope when you see my face it gives you absalute  hell   ;]


That one kid in school...[#7]

That is a lways absent. 


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