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Bestfriends and Boys
{and everything that comes in between}

 Chapter 1 part 2
Sam's POV

I'm sitting in Erin's room waiting for her and Kristen to get out of the showers; So I was thinking. Both Erin and Kristen have boys...but what about me? I have no one this isn't okay. I mean the girls tell me its fine but they don't get what it feels like to be one out of three bestfriends who doesn't have a boy. IT SUCKS MAJOR. Tonight they're both gonna go off with there boys and I'm gonna have to stick it out with who... the Ragers? hell no. I guess i'll just hang out with my sports friends and their friends. I was thinking... the girls are both gonna be kissed tonight & I haven't kissed anyone yet. Yeah i know; disappointing  to me too. When we get home tonight they're gonna ask me if its okay that they talk about it and I'm gonna say yes. Then they're gonna blab on and on. I mean I love them and I'm happy for them but with every description, every word I get more disappointed with my self. Lets hope this summer will be the summer i get to experience just something. I don't care if its a dare or with an everlasting love I just want it; I need it. That first kiss. Erin and Kristen barged in the room ruining my pity party so now its time to pick out official outfits. So I just ask one question. Lord, Can some magic happen to me tonight that maybe something can happen.?
you just make it so easy for me to fall for you.. <3

volim te, chris :)

I'll be happy the day that my feelings are finally accounted for & I'll really matter in your life.

Finishing your soda

>     > before your food even gets to the table .

Dear NASA,

            Your mom thought i was big enough!

                                                 Love, Pluto

 Am I the only one who tries to hold sneezes in during class??
i'm not kissing you goodbye....

the first taylor swift


Don't forget yesterday, 
Live for today, 
Look forward for tomorrow .♥


Mason got up 6 times in the night. I hardly got any sleep. Chris got up and helped a couple times but other times he couldn’t help because I had to feed him. Around 8, I got up for good. Nataly was already up. “Good Morning Future Ms. Stewart,” she said. I laughed. “Good morning.” I sat down and watched tv for a while. Chris finally got up at 10 and Conner got up at 12. I fed Mason, then gave him to Chris. “Where are you going?” he asked. “Taking a nap. I deserve one.”
I woke up around 3 to a call from my mom. She was crying. “Mom. What’s wrong?!” I asked scared. “Your father…” she said between sobs. I already knew what happened. She didn’t have to say it. I bit my lip, holding back the tears. I finished talking to my mom and went into my bathroom. I locked the door behind me and sank down to the floor. I started crying. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I let it all out until there was nothing left. “Chelsie?” Chris called. “Chelsie what’s wrong?” I wiped my tears. “Nothing.” I lied. “Chelsie don’t give me any bullshit. Let me in.” I unlocked the door. He came in and locked the door behind him. “My dad is gone.” He hugged me tight as I cried into his shoulder. “You got a letter from your mom.” He said. “Bring me it please.” He got the letter and brought it to me. It read-
Dear Chelsie-
By the time you’re reading this, I’m probably gone. I want you to know I love you very much and I’ll always be watching over you, no matter what. Please don’t cry sweetie, I’m in a better place. We all knew my job had its risks, and I was willing to do it anyway. I died fighting for your freedom, and I’m okay with that. I love you very much Chelsie. Stay Beautiful baby girl.
Your Father”
Did yall like it? I’m gonna do a sequel sooner or later :)
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