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Can I get your lips to speak my name?

    Who knew forever had an expiration date?


if you are on witty right now
and have to get up for school in 7 hours or less

When I was little, I thought Nick Jonas was hot. But now....


heeey    im     new      here      in      witty  ]





 meet me in the pouring rain, kiss me on the sidewalk, take away the pain.





If you would take the time to look more closely

Then maybe this wouldn't have happened


i wish love was like volleyball.
///////////////////// you call "MINE!" and  everyone else backs off. « - - - - - - -


That Moment When
you just want to break down and cry for no reason ā™„

Type your name: Saffron
Type your name with your elbow: saADFDFER
Type your name with your eyes closed: Saffrobn
Bash your head into the keyboard: kimt8o
Now repost this quote but delete my answers.

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