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Sorry boy but I am an Ennie Meenie Minni Moe Lover
And Im pretty shure you can live and wait for the finger to land on you,,,,<3
 You can turn off the sun,
                But I'm still gunna shine.
Am I the only one who;

sings along with every song you know, even if you don't like it?

3 words , 
8 letters,
 One meaning


use your smile to change the world.

Dont let the world change your smile (:


            it's hard being your original      
when people are being your copy

Before I go to sleep, 
i imagine you're by my side.  


Boy: Hey

In Girl's Mind:  OH MY GOD! He just txted me! What does he want? What if he wants to say that he likes me back!?! Okay Okay, calm down. he probably just needs to ask me a question about homework or something. I'll just say "heyyy" noo, I'll sound to desperate... Then I'll say "hii" eh, to girly. "hey" is good, but then he'll think i have to talk to him. I'll just say "heyy" yeah, that's good. Okay, i can do this. Deep breath... in,out.

Girl: Heyy


Me and the guy I wanna be

with got in a fight.

He got sick and was tested for skin cancer instead of telling me he told my friends. They told me i waited 2 weeks for him to tell me. He didn't. i confronted him. The next day he told my best friend he loves her. I don't wanna lose him. What should I do?

format credit:you_were_my_everything

this is my 69th quote(;
   i laughed. ♥

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