Quotes added on Monday, May 16 2011


You're just another story I can't tell anymore</3


So would anybody else be 
really upset if Facebook
created a way to see
who visited your profile??
You're hot!!                  

it makes people wonder

you know you want to :)

Love me;

"You can hang your head out the window, if you like." "I'm a werewolf, not a golden retriever."

-Mortal Instruments<3

I don't really care if this qoute is pretty or not. But today is a year for me & my man. I love him so muchhh. &+ It all started with on friend request, no one can make me feel the way he does. <3' I love your kisses, I love your talks, I love your laugh, your smile, your style I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU. Emiliano Angel Maynor &+ Micayla Raene Ortiz. 
O5 . 15 . 1O
Te amo much baby ;; <3


Did anyone else notice....
Sonny With A Chance,

Those friends you have that your so close every one thinks your
dating so, you go along with it, then every one just stares at you like your crazy ♥ i LOVE those friends(:
I am lost and broken on the inside,
But, no one can fix me.
Screw You, my mom says I'm cool!   ◠‿◠

You feel so low
You can't feel nothin at all

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