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She decided to start living the life she imagined.
She believed she could so she did.
She replaced the fear of unknown with curiosity.
She looked around and life was pretty amazing.




- Me " You tired?"

Him " A little "
Me " I 'll let you go to sleep?"
Him " Ok, i love you goodnight. "
Me " I love you too, bye "
Not even 5 min later.
* Call from him *
Me " Hello? "
Him " I forgot to kiss you through the phone"
Me " I know :/ "
Him " Muahh :*
Me " Awww Muahh "
Him " Goodnight, I love you "
Me : I love you too. ♥

( And this is how my night ends ) O5O72K11, ILoveYou

You're like an onion.

Every time I'm around you,
you make me want to cry...

'cause baby tonight,
the dj got us fallin' in love again.

NEVER frown because you'll never know who is FALLING  for your SMILE...        

No matter how much we drifted away,
how much we stopped hanging out,
how long I went away for,
how much we went threw,
I always said how we would always be best friends no matter what. How I could never leave you no matter what happened. How I could never leave you to be "popular"

But now everything has changed.
You have changed.
Sure maybe I act like I don't want to be with everyone your with, but that is just because I know they don't want me there.
But everytime I talk to you, you either talk about how great they are or you just ditch me for them.

If I moved on I know Id keep you and keep calling you my best friend.
But you are the one that moved on, and so it was your call, you could keep me or leave me.
Whatever you decide I know you have reason.

I hope this isn't goodbye.


Your Beautiful.♥
 If someone tells you differently, don't believe it. You are beautiful in every single way. Your flaws are what make you unique. If someone tells you that your a nobody, agree with them because Nobody's Perfect. Don't try to be someone your not. Don't wear a lot of makeup to impress a boy because if that boy really cared about you or loved you than he would see past your outer beauty and focus on your inner beauty. You don't have to be beautiful on the outside to be beautiful on the inside. Your beautiful in your own ways. Don't let people get to you saying that your not because you know what you are. Never put yourself down or let anyone else. So STOP calling yourself ugly, hideous, ew..etc. Instead, call yourself Amazing, Beautiful, Gorgeous. I made this quote because a lot of you girls don't like yourself or think that so many girls are prettier than you but I bet that the most popular, prettiest girl at school is the one that cries herself to sleep at night hating her life and you don't even know it. That's because they hate their life and they think they have to be perfect to have friends, boyfriends, and people that like her. But deep down she is all alone just like you are sometimes. <|3


Yeah this is a black and white quote

but you're not gonna fav it

because it doesn't have a fancy layout

hunny, this is how life is

we ignore the plain, and love the crazy

so fav this for the plain 

&& who never get  a turn

you're l i ke the community broomstick...
eve  r   y o  ne    ge  t  s   a   r   i  de.

You know that you are
true friends
when you can insult each other
c o n s t a n t l y
but never get offended


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