Quotes added on Wednesday, May 18 2011

but i just might have a feeling that i am  needed for the first time

Sometimes I
just wanna
beat the sh*t outta' those girls who are

                    Remember those
       weird Moments
when your teacher
makes you and your crush walk together in the hall ways?
 I pray for them to happen.. 
                       but not at this time....
                                        At only one time...
                                                    When you start to love me. <3


far out man all these girl fights there so stupid all these girls do is push each other...!!!!

To be yourself;
In a world that is constantly trying to make you something else,
is the greatest accomplishment.

A person doesn't have to be perfect..
to be exactly what you need.
i actually thought you were going to say i love you 
but instead " i love them" 

there's    beauty    in    everything
just not everybody sees it



Sometimes it's fun to put hearts on the end of your sentence when it doesn't really call for it;
they serve water at most places.

 when you're singing the FUN song from SpongeBob
&&someone thinks you're talking about something else.
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