Quotes added on Friday, May 20 2011

Every  time I see your face
[ HEART ] takes off on a
h  i  g  h  s. p e e d
-  chase don't be scared  -
it's  only  
L  O  V  E  that
w  e  r  e [f a l l i n]  i  n


Gotta love this:

Come on. Let me see you shake

your tail feathers. Come on!

Shake it. Shake it babayyy

-Cheetah Girls♥



H e s  j u s t  so perfect...

\\ and  then theres me. 

why do i always get myself 

 in over my head?.

&      i      r  e  m  e  m  b  e  r       t  h  e      e  x  a  c  t      d  a  y  
 when you said forever; i fell. //♥

all mine. whoaajuliaa.


You think my life is perfect?

Try being me for a day.

Try living with an alcoholic father, who, no matter what,

Will never tell you he loves you,

Or that he's proud of you.

Try living with a mother who pushes you

To your mental and physical extremes,

Twenty-four seven.

Try living with a bullying twin who won't ever leave you alone,

And who, even though they won't admit it, is your parents favorite.


Yeah, real effin perfect.

Now You See How Bad It Hurts

To be hurt, like you hurt me.

Why can't
he see
I'm in love with him...


11:11? yea, that's

all mine. whoaajuliaa.



I can fake a smile pretty damn well...Ü 





 you know what i hate? i hate it that we were about to be something really good. i could feel it, i knew it. i liked it how we flirted and nobody suspected anything. it was just between you and me, you would text me first to compliment me and i wanted to brag about it but i knew that would ruin it. then, that night, at a party, we ruined it. we kissed, and it was awesome. but now,everyone knows about it. andnow thats all we do. sure, you say you like me when we're in a room alone making out, and i believe you, i do. i just wish we hadnt gone so public from the very begginning. now if we flirt or you're just nice to me, everyone looks and makes a big deal out of it. i just wish we couldve kept this more of a secretive thing, i feel like that wouldve been a whole lot more special.
and i wouldnt feel so hurt when we ignore eachother out of awkwardness.  


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