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That's Just How Things Work
Chapter 9
Tess' POV

I probably looked like an idiot to Cole right now. I mean, I was singing into my hairbrush as if it was a microphone and just let go. I didn't really care if he thought I was weird or not. If we were gonna be friends, he might as well see how I really am.
"I said I'd never let you go, and I never did! I said I'd never let you fall and I always meant it! If you didn't have a chance then I never did... You'll always find me right there again." I danced, and laughed, and smiled. All Cole did was nothing more than just watch me and smile. The song came to an end and Iris by The GooGoo Dolls came on. I put the hairbrush down.
"And I suppose this is yet another amazing song by one of your favorite bands?" He leaned against the wall and crossed his arms over his chest just looking at me with a smile on his face.
"As a matter of fact, yes it is. Although I can't dance to it without a partner." I grinned.
"Oh no." He laughed then started shaking his head.
"Oh yes." I skipped over to him and grabbed his hands intertwining them with mine and we swayed back and forth like two retards. All he did was just laugh and smile, I did the same.

Cole's POV

 She took my hands and locked them to hers. We swayed back and forth and just laughed. I let go of her hands and placed mine on her waist. She got on her tippy toes and wrapped hers around my neck. All I wanted to do at that very moment was just kiss her, or just stop time and stay like that for well... a while. The song ended and another came on. Another slow song. I knew it. I sang it in my head for a while as we swayed back and forth. I then started singing lowly, almost in a whisper.
 "If I could be your superman, I'd fly you to the stars and back again. Cause every time you touch my hand you feel my powers runnin' through your veins. And I can only write this song-" Tess began to smile.
"And tell you that I'm not that strong... Cause I'm no superman."
"I hope you like me as I am."  I grinned. 

From reading all these quotes on witty.. all you girls are beautiful .
Inside & out


Say hello to goodbye. :(

sitting there... 
thinking about the first thing he said
 to you that day... ♥
GIRLS I NEED ADVICE  So I like this one boy zach and I think he likes me 2 but im not sure…during science his friend Anthony threw his water bottle by my desk and I picked it up and said is this urs and I gave it to him and so Anthony was like u talked to her and zach was like shut up and then that day colin, anthonys and zachs friends, kept on asking me questions like whats ur book number and my book number number was 3 away from zachs and colin was like aww zach its 3 away from urs 

In math me and my friend were passing notes and so I sit by zach that period and colin and then my friends sits by colin on the other side and so me and my friend were passing notes and she drew a pic of me and zach and colin pretended that he saw the paper and told zach that were talking about him and im like no but mj friend is talking about u to colin cuz my friend likes colin a little and so then like 3 minutes later colin was like I just saw the note they said zach is hot(he didn’t actually c it cuz we didn’t write that he was just joking wit us) AND so I looked at zach and he said rawr and did the hand motion 2 lol
In class when I answered a question and it was correct he was like she rules
My friend catches zach look at me couple of time each day
I love zach soo much…so I need adive…does he like me?,,,what should I do to show him that I like him 2, I don’t just want to go up to him and say I like you or something like that…im a shy type and I need advice, I want something to happen between us soo plz help me girls <3

               ELDER WAND
                                       RESURRECTION STONE
                             CLOAK OF INVISIBILITY

If depression could kill 
i'd already be dead. _ amanda giorgi

IVE LIKED HIM FOR MORE THAN A YEAR! AND YOU DIDNT EVEN KNOW HIS NAME UNTIL I TOLD YOU!I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU! I guess dating him is more important to you than being my "best friend". thanks.

P E A C E ā˜®
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