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C o n fe s s i o n  #  4
I get up everyday and I;

- Fry my hair
- Put on loads of make-up
- & spend about half an hour picking my outfit out

Because I'm afraid of what people will think if I come to school;

- With my hair in a bun
- No make-up
- & Sweats .. 

not my format

I Blocked You Out Of My Life.
People Would Mention You; I Wouldn't Respond.
I'd See You Walking; I'd Turn Around.
You Texted Me; I Blocked Your Number.
I Know It's Childish, But It's The Only Way To Keep The Pain From Taking Over My Life.


Have you ever

 loved somebody so much

It makes you cry?

Have you ever needed something so bad

You can't sleep at night?

Have you ever tried to find the words

But they don't come out right?
yeah me too.


& Girl,
Keep your head high, and your middle finger higher .


I just Googled myself

and I found myself!

it kinda creeped me out.

& it's been a while,

since everyday and everything

has felt this right...

The precious static rest
beneath my slumber holds me up,
though persuasion pulls me down.
                                            - the agonist


C o n fe s s i o n  #  5
Sometimes I think of deleting all my quotes, because I'm afraid someone I know is going to get witty read my quotes & laugh .. 
not my format

You  cant  force  someone  to  love you, you  can  only  stalk  them  and hope  for  the  best !! !     ;D

Jack and Jill went up the hill
to smoke some marijuana
jack got high and dropped his fly and said
"do you wanna?"
Jill said yes and dropped her dress
and then they had some fun
but silly Jill forgot her Pill
and now they have a son

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