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Sometimes I Wonder ;

...How I got to exact moment, at the exact place...

This quote does not exist.
being nice to people you aren't a fan of isn't fake.
called growing up.

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I see the memories in the pictures, and I see how happy I was, even if it was just one night to have another chance with you, and I say to my self..
"I still love you..."

hey y'all, should i make a story?

comment with your answer, pweese. ♥ 

Confection;  I sleep withh my teddy bear every night wishing it was youu <3


It's easy to believe someone;
when they tell you exactly what you want to hear ♥


Whenever my screen on my phone blinks "New Message" I quickly check it to see if its from you. If it is I will wait 2 minutes to pretend Im busy and not just waiting for you to text me. Fave if you have that special someone that you can't wait for them to text you. (:
Because of you, half the time 
I don't even know
I'm smiling 

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