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It's funny how you can forget everything except people loving you.
Maybe that's why humans find it so hard getting over love affairs;
it's not the pain they're getting over, [] it's the love.

Girls \Like/ Boys  #1

Why girls..as soon as they find out a guy likes them..starts worrying.
About how their hair looks, or their make  up.,.probably even how they
walk,talk,or do absolutely anything.,.They become robots.and .think they are too clingy
too annoying too whatever. Its dumb..this guy liked you because you.. were you.. in the 
first place..so why change on him when he's showing interest?

because that's the hardest thing to do.

It's always been you.
You're what   I've waited   for.


He's just a boy.
And I'm just a girl.
Can I make it anymore obvious?


Dear Boys,


Complicated? How difficult is it to give us chocolate and call us pretty?

not-so-complicated females

i  wanna be the first  thing on your mind in the{  m o r n i n' }
one who knows it's you when you're {
c a l l i n' }
girls who dries your tears when they're {  
f a l l i n' }
i  w a n n a k n o w y o u l i k e t h a t
i wanna be the one you run to when things get { c r a z y }
the only girl that you call your {
b a b y }
one whose always got your  {
b a c k }
i w a n n a k n o w y o u l i k e t h a t .♥

It's funny how the person you like:

starts off as the most amazing guy in the
whole entire world
and ends up as the person you hate and want
to kill first.


Did you know?
you are so beautiful,
do you understand? some people couldn't go a day without seeing your smile, people like me. you have every right to be happy, look around and look in the mirror. what do you see?
i think you see a smart, independent, loving, big hearted, strong, beautiful, amazingly, talented, outrageous, gorgeous woman.
you are beautiful in a bunch a different ways.
i think now is the time to hold your head up and embrace them in every way possible,
because honey some people aren't as fortunate to be as beautiful as you.(:


Drake and Josh Quote#17

Drake: I make my money the old-fashioned way.

Josh: How?

Drake: Selling your stuff on eBay.

Josh: Yeah,right. *can't find stereo system* Uh, Drake, where's my stereo system?

Drake: Wisconsin.

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