Quotes added on Wednesday, June 8 2011

Liking that one guy,
you know you can never be with.

Dear girl I dislike,
I hope your next period
happens in a shark tank.
Sincerely, me

kiss me, k-k-kiss me.
me with your love
and fill
me with your poisen.


You're not an ugly person.
You're an exceptionally beautiful monkey ♥

wanted you to
   throw rocks at my window not at my heart.



that akward moment.......when u feel like something is on your arm.....and u freak out....and its just an ant ;) :)

like if its happend to u too :) <3

You're my honey bunch,
sugar plum, pump umpy umkin. You're my sweety pie. 


Dear English teacher,
How can I get a question wrong
that was asking for my opinion?
Sincerely, fed up.
Today HE almost kissed me

i love when things turn out right just the way it should <3

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