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you know what sucks?? vacuum cleaners!!;)

Are there ANY girls comfortable with themselves?

I mean seriously, do any girls look into the mirror and not want to change anything?

I'm not saying be conceded. I'm saying if you are beautiful without make-up, but that doesn't mean your ugly with it. Your beautiful anyway you want.

DO what pleases YOU and NOT the BOY, because someone will fall in love with your confidence.


On The 3rd Floor- Chapter 4
I awoke with actual sun shining through my windows. Since what had happened last night, I guess mom didn't want me to go to school. I'm glad actually, I'm wondering what had already spread about the new girl nearly dying. I stayed in my bed though, felt more comfortable. The smell of cotton surrounded the room giving a peaceful feeling. The sky barely had a cloud in it. It was a peaceful day. I raised up and looked at my desk tank.
"Good Morning Nate." I smiled to my clown fish. 
"You named him Nate?" Riley appeared in my desk chair. I stared at him, wide eyed. So I wasn't dreaming last night. Or maybe I still am dreaming? "Why did you name him that?"
I flattened out my straight hair and played with the covers a bit. "I had a friend named Nate back in Virginia. He died 2 years ago..."
"I'm so sorry." Riley said in silence. The mention of death caused him to shake a bit, but then instantly calmed down. "Good morning." He smiled.
"Morning. I find this a little odd?" I asked with a laugh.
"How so?" He looked confused.
"I just happen to be talking to a dead kid who was murdered in my house a few years ago. No one else can see of hear him. I'm possibly crazy. And you just randomly appear out of nowhere." I said and laid my head back down.
"I don't think your crazy." He said.
"Your dead, how are you supposed to think I'm crazy?" I laughed.
"Possibly." He said while examining Nate. The fish stopped and stared right at him. "Did you know that animals can sense the dead?" he turned around.
"So I've heard." I got up and went over next to Riley. "So are you going to be like my room mate or something?"
"I will be until I pass over or till you move..." He walked over to my closet door and opened it. "Follow me."
"Okay?" I said and walked over to the closet. He held out his hand and I looked at it. I hesitated and grabbed it. I didn't go through him, it was a solid hand. If the incident didn't happen with my dad not seeing him last night, I would have thought he was a real kid. There was a door in my closet I had never noticed. It was behind a few boxes, which he moved for us. He opened it and crawled through. He motioned me to follow, and I did. There was a little stair case going up.
"You see, your room used to be mine. I found this when I first moved here and I've hung out in it ever since." We walked to the top of it. "Hold on a second please." He phased through the door that was there. It clicked and then opened. "I've always kept it locked." He laughed," No point really."
I walked in to behold another floor. Mom knew there was another floor, just we didn't know how to get to it. I found the way. There was a television, a couch, a table, a king sized bed and a massive book shelf full of books. There was a photo on the table. I walked over, sat down at one of the chairs and looked at it.
"That's my cousin, Alexandra." He said and sat down next to me.
"Is she still alive?" I asked.
"She might be. Like I said, I haven't left this house to find out. She still might live in town. I would love to see her one last time. We were the best of friends, but she'll never come back to this house because of to many memories. She could've left the country for all I know." He loomed. 
I put a hand on his shoulder, " I think she might still be out there. She'll come back eventually."
"You think so?" He looked at me with sad eyes. I nodded.
"Alice, are you awake?" My mom's soft voice rattled the house.
"I forgot about mom..." I said traveling back through the room, down the stairs, and back into mine. I sat down on my bed and Riley appeared next to me again.
"Honey, are you feeling better?" She poked her head in. I nodded. "Come down and eat please." I looked over at Riley for reassurance.
"I'll be there." He smiled and disappeared.
"I'm starving." I smiled at my mom, not a fake smile, but a real smile.

Invisible but Invincible
Chapter 22b
“I’m not sure how you could do something about that, but here, spray this on yourself,” smiled Tay as he tossed me a can of Axe that he had on his bed side table.
I caught it perfectly.  “Gracias hermano,” I responded, using some Spanish because it seemed to fit, somehow.  I went into my bathroom and sprayed it all over myself since most guys do that.
I then pulled my hair into a low pony-tail and tucked it into my shirt.  As long as it’s hidden from everyone, it will be okay.  I strolled back into Tayden’s room and threw the Axe can back to him.
“Does my hair look like yours or close enough to yours that Austin won’t be able to tell the difference between us?” I asked, hoping that that was the case.
“You mean you didn’t tell your own boyfriend?” he asked, clearly shocked as to why I didn’t tell him.
“It’s not like I didn’t want to tell him, but remember when we were tossing the football around at the park and I pretended to suck?” I hinted.
          “You were pretending?” he fake gasped, which made me smile.
          “Stop it!  You knew I was,” I fake sighed.
          He shook his head, “Tiff, Tiff, Tiff, what am I going to do about you?”
          “I don’t know, you tell me,” I stuck my tongue out at him.
          “Oh, so we’re gonna play like that now, are we?” he raised an eyebrow.
          “Of course, bro!” I exclaimed.
I want the pain to stop... We aren't together anymore and we both know it's for the best.  So then why does it hurt so much?  I need help... </3

I'm Perfectly fine with   not  being a    Perfect      Girl 


I think I'm pretty.


 It's a ride in a Chevrolet........one nation under God... It's America "  

Were L i v i n g A L i f e t i m e I n A M i nu t e ;

It'll pass right by if you let it .

Hurt Me With The Truth 
Don't Comfort Me With A Lie  

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