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It's My Life

Chapter Nine
Jasmine: Beautiful


"He would never love me. I'm not pretty enough." When Jasmine said these words, I wanted to slap her. I know, sometimes it feels like you aren't good enough. Life can be like that sometimes. You think I never feel like that? Trust me hunny, I do. 24/7. But you have to remember. The seven of us don't call eachother best friends for no reason. We say it because we would be lost without eachother. Before you guys, I spent my Friday nights, fighting with Logan with my slutty exbestfriend. You ARE beautiful. You have gotten me through alot. When it comes to fighting with my friends, or crushing on Logan, or when I'm feeling insecure, or when I need someone to tell my good news too, who I know will always do that weird happy jumping up and down dance with me, you're always there. I love you.(:



i want a guy who
it wont matter how bad i look he just knows he needs to be there for me. who tells me he loves me, when he actually means it. who won't get mad at how sarcastic i can be. A guy who isn't afraid to meet my parents, or snuggle on the couch. And brings me soup because i'm sick and will call me instead of texting all the time. and who wants to kiss me instead of making out.
but most of all i want a guy who cares for me as much as i do for him <3


my cell phone
is over used
insanely abused

Hey Witty!
What is up with all this hate? I mean seriously! We all have something in common. Something brought us to Witty. Something made us want an account. And by making that account...we joined a family of users who like to express their opinion. We may not always agree, but we should always come at our discussions in a positive manner. Who else agrees?

I don't really care how sweet, depressing, happy or whatever else your giant quote is about.
I'm just not in the mood for READING right now. 


I wish he knew,

That the geeky girl who sits behind him in math class, 
Cries every night because she knows she can't have him. 


When the little cursor on the screen isn't an arrow anymore,
I freak out.
im sorry.

im sorry for the things i've done to you.

im sorry for the things i've put you through.

im sorry for the times i have lied.

im sorry for the times i've made you cry.

That's funny 'cuz
I don't ever
remember giving you a free-pass
 to ride on my boyfriend.


Am I the only one obsessed  with hot guys ?
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