Quotes added on Monday, June 13 2011

If i lay here.
If i just
lay here.
would you lie with me,
just forget the world?

Love is Simple
People are complicated

Mercy screams it's violent love.
Justice and mercy. Justice and mercy.
The depth of us created for;
Justice and mercy. Justice and mercy.
This is where they kiss.


laughter is the best medicine. it's also the
best disguise.
i act like my self around boys, 
i dont act fake or girly-girl.

so what if i've dated like 6 of my friends?
that just means they like me for the real me. and not some made up fake.

How does it feel,
 knowing you're my everything?


Let your smile change the world, don't let the world change your smile. ♥(':

i just saw a sad quote about a girl's dad killing himself..

so daddy i know you love this but i love you with all my heart and every piece of me same goes for my mom brendan ryan and all my grandparents and all my family, i know sometimes i act like a jerk but i really love you guys and i couldnt survive without you all<3333 i love you guys more than you know<3 xoxoxoxoxo
I can just never do anything right. Can i?
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