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Life is a Movie;
You're just a prop. In fact, you're the gardening
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wh enyou

 Nod over the phone
instead of saying 'yes'.


10 favorites
• Favorite Color: BLACK!
• Favorite Food: Sushi!
• Favorite Singer: Katy Perry
• Favorite Show: Pretty Little Liars
• Favorite Sport: Softball! :D
• Favorite Season: Winter
• Favorite Day Of the Week: Wednesday
• Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla
• Favorite Time of Day: Night Time…

9 currents
• Current Mood: Bored…
• Current Taste: salty with a hint of morning breath…
• Current Clothes: shorts and a tank
• Current Computer: laptop
• Current Finger/Toenail Color: half of my nails are black, other are unpainted
• Current Time: 10:50 PM
• Current Surroundings: living room
• Current Annoyance: mom snoring
• Current Thought: Cat

8 Firsts
• First Best Friend: Siobhan
• First crush this school year: Nate
• First Screen Name: Gohnzales
• First Pet: DOG!!!
• First Piercing: Ears
• First Thing You Did Today: Wake up @ 7 to go 2 vball camp
• First Thing You Ate Today: …Eggo waffle?
• First School: E SILC

7 Lasts
• Last Food Consumption: um…idk…
• Last Car Ride: Mom to Home Depot
• Last Text Message: Erin!!!
• Last Movie Seen: Xmen Origens : Wolverine
• Last Item Bought: …Books?
• Last CD Played: Taylor Swift
• Last Website You Were On: Witty, Youtube, Facebook, Gmail

6 Have You Evers
• Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Friends: no
• Have You Ever Broken the Law: yeah
• Have You Ever Been Arrested: no

• Have You Ever Been on TV: yea
•Have Ever Walked Into A Sliding Glass Door: fortunately no
• Have You Ever Sat On The Roof: a million times

5 Places You've Been To
• 1. Mexico
• 2. Michigan
• 3. Illinois
• 4. Texas
• 5. North Dakota

4 Things
• You're Wearing: Tanks and shorts
• You Did Last Night: played a double header in sb
• What Can You Hear Right Now: Fan, Snoring, Tv
• You Can't Live Without: Ipod, Family, Friends

3 People You Can Tell Anything To
• 1. Cia
• 2. Wyatt
• 3. Erin

2 Choices
• 1. black or white: Black
• 2. hot or cold: Cold

1 Love

-Not my Quiz-

I cant believe i used to stay up late on a school night,
just to talk to him from at least 5 minutes. <3

peole say i'm emo because i like the way my cuts & scars look , but we all have problems & i shouldnt be judged for cutting  & being  emo . fuckk everydody<3

This quote does not exist.

You make me so mad I want to throw you in front of on-going cars,

But then I realize,
I'd probably kill myself trying to save you.

60% of people online use Facebook to stalk their ex.

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