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people  haven't  always  been
there for me but,

Music  always  has

-taylOr  Swift


You know that feeling...
When you look at him and think "wow I love him but we're just friends." Or maybe when he looks at her it hurts so much sometimes.  When you're in love with him and he's in love with her.  You love everything about him and he loves everything about her.  You wasted all your 11:11 wishes on him.  You kept it in for so long.  Do you tell him you like him?  Or do you keep it in as usual?  Its confusing, or "its complicated" is your answer when someone asks you what's wrong.  When you look at them together your eyes fill up with tears.  Because you love him, you love him so much.  And sometimes you just wish he knew ♥  


I hate it when I tell my parents something funny
and they take it too seriously


"age is just a number.

”yeah and jail is just a place."

God Blessed me with an amazing man <3



Taylor Swift;♥
Shes that singer that all the girls can relate to at one time or another.
Fav if she ever sang something that related to your life. ♥

Shes truely fearless

Fun Fact#2
You are more than likely going to have a heart attack on Monday 



This summer you shouldnt be scared:
See that boy? Stop twirling your hair pretending to
read a book and staring at him.
Go say
hey! Give him your number.

This summer be prepared:

Hot boys.

Hot boys ;)

This summer will be shared:
Find somebody you love and share the summer.
See that girl? Go say
hi she seems shy.


It's never getting better.
Chapter 10.

I took a shower when Caleb left. Without my stomach covered up, it looks horrible. It looks like there's a hole in my stomach. I live in Arizona, so it's warm pretty much all year round, and i wont even be able to wear my bikini. I continued taking a shower, singing songs by All Tome Low, and Rilent K. I couldn't stop thinking about it.. When i got out of the shower, i changed into something like :http://weheartit.com/entry/10866243
I flipped my hair to one side and wringed it out a little. I went to watch tv with my mom for a few minutes, when i get a text from Caleb asking me to meet him at the beach. Great. Bikini.. I went to my room and shut the door. I got into my dresser and got my bathing suit out, and put it under my clothes. Then i walked to the beach. When i got there, there were a few guys there, but not Caleb. I started getting worried, but i don't call him. I just stay calm and stand by the shore, taking my flip-flops off, and carying them. Someone comes running from behind me, and hugs me from behind. Its Caleb. I hugged him, and he said "No swim suit?" Looking at my stomach. It still hurts.. but im fine. "I wore it underneath.. "
Then he gets it and says "Oh.." With a pause. "Does it still hurt? Let me see, is it deep?" I frowned and let him lift my shirt up, and hear him say "Holy Sh*t, dude." Tears start rolling down my cheeks, the pain is getting worse and his reaction didn't make it any better. "I know, there's going to be a huge scar. I wonder if i'll ever be able to wear a bikini ever again.." I said, sort of un understandingly. I hugged him, and i needed comfort.
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