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I need some help...
There's this guy, and he and I liked each other. I've kissed his cheek, held his hand, but he never asked me out. According to my friends, he came over to where I was after school to ask me out one day, but I wasn't there when he came over, and I've beaten myself up over it. I haven't felt this way about any guy. I said stupid things, as usual, and I want to fix my mistakes. I'm planning on having all my guy friends over for a BBQ, and if he comes, I wanna know a good way to tell him that I really like him, or even ask him out. My heart & stomach feel like this: asdfhalsidfhals;dfkjha;lsdf. Help would be much appreciated and I love you sooo much. :)


Forget 11:11.
I'm gonna buy two goldfish and name them Cosmo and Wanda. Then I can wish any time I want.

LALA your gay LALA

Everyone has photographic memory ;
Some just don't have film.  

not mine.


              dear ladies,
                                  L. O. V. E.    ♥


                                        stand for: legs open very easily.

That boy is so cute:
I want to break him in half and suck out the middle.

forget the
risk, take
the fall...
if t's what
you want,
it's worth
it all.

there's a whole lot of things that i will forgive
but i just can't take a

i wonder how long
is to him

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