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you make me dance like a fool
forget how to breathe
shine like gold
buzz like a bee
just the thought of you
can drive me wild
oh, you make me smile




You Know The World's Crazy When...
You hear a commercial on the radio for breast implants, lyposuction, and plastic surgery saying, "Buy one get one free!"

i'm in love with arizona ice'd tea♥

Drink beer Save water

Oh,  these  times  are  hard 
yea  there  
making  us   crazy. 
Don't  give   up  on  me  baby <3

 [] [ ] []   FOR    THE   FIRST   TIME

Boys Who #19
are skaters 

______If ___You___Knew___How___Much_                     _______I__want___you___to___see__Thru_

                                     Mine ♥ MC ♥
glancing at the clock 10 days in a row
and it happens to be 11:11
yet none of those wishes have come true

hey, im new to this. how do you make the comments loook all cool & stuff? please help! THANKS(:

Lie:Your baby is so adorable!!

Truth: Oh, your baby is so ugly.It's lik e a little rat.

-the invention of lying

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