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 And that's the way the cookie


In need of good music!!!
any suggestions???!
thanksss : )


my bf:"i love you"
me:"i love you too"
my bf:"your all mine... forever, ill never give you up"
me:"u wont... promise? "
my bf:"Yah and you can hold me to it, a day without you is a day without air"

real convo we had tonight<3 i think i found my one and only;-*

Confession #213
I'm really worried I might have clinical depression.

its>hard<to fight
 w h e n  t h e  f i g h t  a i n t  f a i r

So my friend tyler just called me and asked if he woke me up....
i said no he said damn it...and explained why.....

because HIS friend woke him up he had to pass it on to someone else so hes going through his contacts...and unfortunately i was lucky caller number 8 for having a name with A :/

i love my guy friends....theyre too funny ♥

*Sad Story*

Boy: Make me a sandwich.

Girl: No.


Fav if you cried.




When you're at your friend's house hate the food they're eating for dinner
*reposting...made an error.
you hate the food they're eating for dinnery*nmfhj n
Everything happens for a reason.<3
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