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Love Me
Forever and Always


i hate missing 11:11.


Pardon me for my lack of excitement,
But I’m not entirely thrilled.
Stutter when I talk,

Flail around as I walk,
Yeah the moment’s been killed.

I Was Wrong
c h a p t e r 11

As I wake up, I stretch out my arms, yawn, rub my eyes, and smack my alarm clock so it'll be quiet. I do my usual routine after I get up out of my bed and walk to school. It is kind of chilly, but my jacket keeps my a little warm. I pass Sam's house and I heard yelling as she opened the door to walk out of her large house.
"I don't care Mom! I can do whatever I want, I'm 16!" Sam's screams over her shoulder as she walks forward down her driveway. Her driveway is pretty long, so they must be yelling pretty loud if I could hear it.
"I'm your mother and I tell you what to do!" She says slamming one of her two doors in front of her house.
Sam sees me at the end of her driveway and stops. She looks at me, breaths through her nose, and walks quickly in front of me. Okay, ignore me and all we've been through. I mean, Sam and I have had fights, but we usually make up after about 5 minutes.
I continue to walk until I reach the stairs in front of the school. Ethan is waiting on the fifth step.
"Hey," Ethan said getting up.
"Did you wait for me?" I ask. If he did that would be so sweet. No one has ever done that for me before, not even Sam.
"Who else?" He said. I gave him a big smile and we walked into the school together. I couldn't stop smiling. I'm so glad Ethan and I are friends and I hate to say it, but I'm starting to develop some feelings for him. Does that mean I can't like Jason, though?
"Did you remember?"
"Remember what?" I asked putting my backpack in my locker. I take out my Science folder and binder and close my locker to face him.
"I'm coming over to help with Science," My stomach started to do cartwheels. I was so nervous, but I can't wait. I'm so happy he is coming to my house.
"Of course I remembered," I lied and he could tell.
"It's okay and anyway I don't need you to go through any trouble just because I'm coming over," Well, I cleaned the house yesterday so too late. I laughed at myself quietly.
"What?" He said that so softly and innocently, it was so adorable.
"I cleaned the house yesterday," I rolled my eyes.
"Oh, well, don't go through any more trouble. You don't need too," He was leaning up against the locker that is next to mine.
"Do you have to go to your locker and get everything you need?" I asked. I got so nervous around him that I didn't know what else to say.
"Trying to get rid of me," He gives a half of a smile and I shake my head representing that I mean "no." "Well, okay, I'm going," He said turing around.
"See you in Science," He waved. His was facing away from me.
"Yep, see you in Science," I say and then see Sam and Alyssa and some other girls walk up and give me dirty looks.



i wish dreams were like wishes
and wishes came true;
because in my dreams
i'm always with you

~I don't care if im not your first~
I just want to be your last.♥ 

I hate how almost every quote is about a boy
breaking some girls heart

i mean really..

just shut up. stop complaining.
 get all dolled up. &go out and find a new one.

after all, we always want what we can't have, right?!

 I don't care how old I am,
I AM going to watch the new Winnie the Pooh movie!

Cloudy With a Chance of Death

Sadie's POV:
-June 2010, a week before Tara disappeared.

     I glanced at myself in the changing room mirror. What do I have that I don't? I may not have money, but still that gives them no right to move me from second on the hottie list to fifth. I didn't do anything wrong. I looked at the short's price-tag and sighed. I carefully pulled out the ink-tag, cautiously putting it in my Coach handbag. "It's the only way" I thought. I walked out of the changing room. "Hey," I smiled. "I need to leave. Mom's on my case again." I lied. 

    "Oh please, you use that excuse every time we walk in here." Tara snapped, the number one girl on the Hottie List. My icy blue eyes glared hard into her eyes. I rolled my eyes, "Whatever Tara, Since when did you turn into such a bitxch?" I snapped, turning my back, feeling the glare she held on my back. "Just remember Sadie, I know your secret, I know everyone's secret. If you mess with me, your secret will be let loose. Oops, my bad." I walked away knowing this could go on forever.

    I silently walked home, looking at my neighbor Riley. Third on the Hottie List for boys. He waved at me, I waved back, that's our usual thing for the day. God, why did he have to be head over heels for Tara, in my opinion she's ugly and goes around and hangs on every guy she sees. Why her and not me? I'll do whatever it takes, even if it means having something against her. I just need to find out what. She never told us her secrets, but boy, she made us tell her all ours. 

     I signed on chat, nobody was on except for Tara. Maybe this was move to find a secret.

Me : How come you so desperately need our secrets and we can't have yours?
Tara : Because that's how it is. 
Me : C'mon. Tell me a secret, I tell you everything. It makes us close and everything.
Tara : No can do babe.

Tara has now signed off of chat.

      Just my luck. Maybe I will have to come up with a secret. Maybe then when I tell Riley, he'll go for me and not her. But hey, anybody will do anything to have that number one spot on the Hottie List. Even if it means getting rid of Tara. For good.

Like It?

i just want you to know,
           that you deserve       the best. YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL.
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