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i don't know how to be someone that you would miss. 

People Change,

and often they become the person
 they said they never would be.

-Wiz   Khalifa

oh you're straight?
so is spaghetti until it gets hot  

&This is to my haters.

I gotta give you guys credit! You are the only people that think about me 24/7 and think about me all day! Keep doin' it, I love hearing my name!


comes TWICE a day, becaus everyone deserves a

bored........anybody wanna tlk?
This quote does not exist.

Go Ahe ad
Text Him First.

It might pay off one day;D

- for late night Wittyers #12


When I was 14 years old me and my parents took a road trip to Colorado on or way there, my parents car broke down and we drove as far as it would go. we ended up in front of an old beat-up house. we walked up to the scratched, old and worn out door. I knocked a couple of times until a sweet little old couple answered. They insisted that we stay until the morning when they could get some help.


At first I was scared but my parents said yes, I decieded they were nice enough. They cooked us a delicious meal and we all went to bed. I got my own room and as we passed a door to go to the bedroom they showed me was mine for the night, they told me, "Do not go into our daughter's room". I thought it was kind of strange but it wasn't my house so I respected their request.


I woke up in the middle of the night around 3 o'clock to go to the bathroom. I was curious so I peeked under the door of the daughter's room. I saw a little girl sitting in a chair facing the wall. I assumed she must have been punished and did not want me to bother her. So I went to the bathroom and then back to bed.


A couple of hours later, around 4:30 am, I became real thirsty. I needed to get some water so I got back up and headed for the kitchen. As I passed by the daughter's room, I was still so curious. I peeked in the key hole this time. All I saw was red so I assumed they must have painted the whole room red, including the key hole.

When I woke up in the morning, i met up with my parents and we went downstairs and thanked the old couple very much for letting us stay. They said it was no problem and asked how my night was. I said "it was good" and complimented them on the color of the paint job in their daughter's room. They said "what paint job? its baige flower printed wallpaper". I was confused and asked why their daughter was in trouble. They looked very confused and the old lady then said, "She died a couple of years ago of a blood disorder that made both her eyes bloodied red"

then i realized that the red I saw was their dead daughter looking back at me...through the keyhole.


i dont wanna be mean but you dont need a tic tac you need the whole damn pack ;)
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