Quotes added on Saturday, July 2 2011

Why do I love him so


"I say things twice for emphasis...EMPHASIS!"- Josh 
I love you like a love song babyy

one month♥

When was the last time
 You did something for the first time?

 I    Dont   Care    I  f     People     DonT   lIIke    me   
After  all  im    not   a   fb    status
to   be    liked 


you may think you'll " never " get over it
b u t    y o u    a l s o    t h o u g h t    i  t    w ou l d    l a s t    " f o r e v e r " 

How many husbands am I going to have?!

This quote does not exist.

That 70's Show:

Opportunity does not knock, then knock

again, then leave a note saying "sorry I missed



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