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I hate listening to Just The Way You Are, and thinking that your the only girl that doesnt have someone that will sing that to you

 n(ude). e(lderly). r(ude). d(ude).


fave if you remember this <3

& remember when we were little and we checked behind the shower curtain before going to the bathroom

Oh I still do that.

i love when
your texting someone
and they suddenly

stop answering you.


The best accessory a girl can wear is confidence. 

"Cinderella didn't go stalking Prince Charming."  )   ))))))))))))_-_        

  And I laughed so hard...
        When I searched 'where is chuck norris' in google 'I'm feeling lucky '

I  bet  I  can  make  you s mi l e ,
You'  re   p r et ty ,
Don' t  you  fo r get   i  t;



- - - - ->I'd hit that<- - - - - 



Behind The Scenes Of Love
Chapter 1
(Alexis walked in to her new school)
She was trying to find her way to Technology.She ran into the biggest football player at thier school.He knocked the books out of her hands.Including a poetry book by Robert Frost.He began to help her pick them up off the floor.Thier eyes met just as they both touched the poetry book.He then looked away as fast as possible knowing it would be bad for reputation, but something made him look back.Hoping that no one had notice she asked him where the Technology room was.He said "Down the hall to left and past the stairs.Let me walk you there.I'm going there too."She then replied with "Are you sure?You don't have too." They started walking down the hallway as everyone watched with wonder filled eyes.She asked him what his name was.He replied with "Chris".She said "Oh, I'm Alexis."

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