Quotes added on Tuesday, July 5 2011

that annoying moment when;
someone says they know a secret and then you ask what it is and they tell you they cant tell you and your just like : O
w  t  f



You may be addicted to texting if..#1
you put your phone in a plastic bag and text during a shower 


Who are you to tell me that im less than what i should be?

I didn't fall!!

Gravity just hates me.

               Those certian quotes ONLY,
one person understands what your going through 
& favorites it.


Some people make you laugh
a little harder
your smile a little brighter,
and your life a little brighter >>>>♥



My friend Billy and his girlfriend Lauren were in a car
accident tonight..
Billy was life flighted and is in critical care;;
and Lauren had already passed when the medics got there.
She was only 16 years old..whole life ahead of her..
It's not fair.Cherish the life you live...

We love you Billy,stay strong.
Pray for Billy,Lauren, and their Families.  
The worst way to miss someone, is to have them sit right next to you and you know you can never have them.<3 
                            No one is perfect until you fall in love with them.

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