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Keep this rose going for Caylee Marie Anthony ♥

Thank god i found the good in  goodbye.

You chose to surrender
                                                          the best thing that's happened to you.


Division - Aly & AJ

I know I'm not perfect.  
But is it so wrong for me to want a boy who will tell me I am?  

Forever alone.
I know I wont ever get a boyfriend. And I know I'm not good looking, or skinny.
Or in any way perfect. So I quit. I hate life.



Keep this rose going for Caylee Marie Anthony ♥

Dont Forget

Chapter 19:
At ten we left the Harper’s and soon enough the weekend was over and I was back at school. I groaned as I jotted down my history notes for the quiz the next day, which was Friday, thank God. As usual, I was hanging out with Austin tonight. Ever since he told me about Annabelle things have gotten pretty heated between us and I was craving his touch. Lucky for us, Ellie was having a party and we’d have some space. At 7 the doorbell rang and the usual crew plus Justin and Austin came in and we all went downstairs to play foosball, watch TV and just hang out. Ellie’s parties weren’t the same as Elroy’s parties, here you could be yourself without getting drunk or high and it was just fun. “I can’t even tell you how much I want you right now.” Austin whispered in my ear. “We’re going on a walk.” I said and led Austin outside while I got winks on the way out. “Over here.” Austin whispered leading me to the swing set in the backyard. We carefully climbed up the ladder and under the roof where we were surrounded by darkness. “This is perfect. Just you and me.” Austin said quietly. “I like it.” I smiled and pressed my lips against his. He rested his hands on my neck and pulled me closer, and closer until we were lying on top of each other. Tonight was different from the other nights when we were like this. Tonight felt like…love. It wasn’t just sticking our tongues in each other’s mouths; it was showing just how much the other cared. We didn’t pull apart, because we couldn’t pull apart. If we did, we’d just go right back to where we were. But eventually we had to when Ellie’s mom came out to tell us that Austin’s mom was here to pick him up. I looked at my phone, 11:12 pm. We had been in the tree house for over three hours. “Don’t go.” I whined not wanting him to leave my side. “I have to.” He said sadly. “What if you spent the night.” I said grinning. “At your house?” He asked. “Yeah.” I said. “I want to, but I just can’t. But I’ll see you tomorrow ok?” He said tucking a piece of hair behind my ear. “Ok.” I said defeated. “Don’t be sad.” He said and kissed me one last time before he left. I waved goodbye and walked back downstairs, everyone was gone except for Ellie, Marissa, Justin and I. “Marissa and Court wanna stay over?” Ellie asked. “Yeah.” Marissa and I said at the same time. “I don’t have a ride…can I stay too?” Justin asked. “My mom can’t know.” Ellie said. “Fine by me.” Justin said obviously not caring. “Just Dance!” I declared and grabbed a controller and tossed the other one between the three of them. “Oh you’re on girlfriend.” Justin said in a girly voice and grabbed the other controller.
Fav & Feedback!

Things go wrong, sometimes we fall. The world keeps        turning and we move along, and that's what makes us who we are. So just be strong, cause life's not long.            
&+ I'm dying to know if it's killing you , like it's killing me...</3
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