Quotes added on Friday, July 8 2011

S C R E W   B O Y S

this morning,

I woke up to a "Good Morning Beautiful" text . 

my life is complete . ♥

100% true . (:

Secret #14

Whenever I'm alone, I sing
It's one thing that I actually enjoy doing
I just wish that I was good at it

To him I'm just another girl, but to me he's my entire world

as soon the headphones are on,

I m   i n   m y   o w n   l i t t l e   w o r l d 

yes, i like football.

no, i am not a guy.


     Tilt back your    screen

I You're Gorgeous

Just because it didn't last
doesn't mean that it was wrong.

There's too many Ashley'-_-
Just kidding :)

Welcome to my Funeral
Without you I don't even have a pulse. All alone, it's dark and cold.. With every move I die

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