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& I LOVE how my name sounds with your last name.

If you need someone to talk to
or if you need me to pray for you
just comment on this quote
& I'd be delighted to help you!!
Love all you beautiful/handsome w ittians.
Your all lovely & I love talking to you.

i should've kissed you,
i should've told you,

told you just how i feel

Katy perry: Do you ever feel like a plastic bag
Drifting throught the wind
Wanting to start again

Me: .uhm... no..?




It takes millions of people to complete the world, but it only takes you to complete mine


watching you by rodney atkins is the cutest song <3
Fave if you've ever had the feeling that you wanted to ask someone out but you were scared you were going to get rejected.

That Awkward Moment When...
you see a couple sharing a facebook, and you think. "What the hell?"

My Life Saver
a Justin Bieber love story
Chapter 23:

Justin's POV:
"Justin, Amy. Time to wake up. Justin, you have to get ready for rehersal." The voice woke me up. It was my mother.
"Okay. Hey, mom?" I asked. She turned around in the door way.
"Could you take Amy to the hospital for her appointment? It's at ten." I said stretching. Amy was still sleeping.
"Of course. I'll take her while you are rehersing." And with that she left. I shook Amy gently. Her eyes began to open.
"Hello gorgeous." I said. She blushed, and smiled at me.
"Good morning. What time is it?" She asked. I looked over at the blue clock on my wall.
"8:33." I responded. She moaned and dug her head back into the pillow.
"No, no, no. I have a rehersal in one hour. So, my mom is going to be taking you to the hospital." She lifted her head up from the pillow.
"Okay. Sounds like a plan." She sat up and stretched. I put my arms around her and hugged her. She started to laugh.
"Lets go have some breakfast." I said getting up. I held my hand out, and she took it. I picked her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist, and I held on to her. She kissed me.
"Don't you are drop me down the stairs." She laughed.
"You're going to the hospital anyway, so it wouldnt make a difference." I repsonded. She hit my shoulder. We both laughed.
"Kidding." I carefully walked down the stairs. Once we were downstiars, I brought her over to the kitchen. My mom made us eggs. We scarfed them down, and I picked her back up, and brought her upstairs.

Amy's POV:
Justin and I got ready. I put on white shorts, and a cute shirt. I went into his bathroom, and quickly applied my make up as best as I could.
"Kids, we need to leave now!" Pattie yelled. Justin picked me up, and carried me to the car. We both sat in the back.
"Thank you." I said as Justin placed me on the seat.
"Anything for you." He smiled. Pattie turned on the radio.
"Now, lets get ready for some Justin Bieber." The radio hostest announced. I looked at Justin.
"Hmm...wonder who that is." I said. Pattie started to laugh.
"I don't know. But I hear he has a beautiful girlfriend." He kissed me. After that, the car ride was basically silent. Except for the radio, which played all of Justin's songs.
"Here we are." Pattie said. She got out of the front, and Justin got out. He held his arms out so he could carry me.
"We don't have to." I said.
"Are you sure?" He asked surprised.
"Yeah, I mean, this is professional. You dont want to walk in holding your girlfriend." I laughed. He laughed too.
"Alright. But, if you feel too much pain, let me know." He winked. I nodded, and we walked in the building.

Hello girls! Comment/fave/followxoxoxoxooxoxox

♥ I'm Just A girl.
 i push  doors that clearly say pull.

I laugh harder trying to explain why i'm lughing.
I walk into a room & forget why i was there.
I count  on  my  fingers  in  math class
I try to accomplish things with time still on the microwave.

I Wish For {love} Every 11:11
I lie sometimes to hide the pain

I say it's a long story when it's really not.

BI fall in love to hard and too fast.
& Alli want to do is kissyou in the rain.

Yess i'm a girl . . .  
But  that's  more  than  it 


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