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oh you're from NY?
I thought you were from the cast of
Jersey Shore♥


     love; we think about it, dream about it,
loose sleep worrying about it but when we 
don't have it we search for it and when we discover
it we don't know what to do with it, we fear losing
it becasue it's our source of pleasure & pain
but we can't predict which it will be from one
moment to the next, it's a short word, easy
to spell, difficult to define, and . . .
                     impossible to live without ♥                     





I'm in love
I'm in love
and I don't
care who

Boys will always be players but i am always the coach (;
I'm going to watch the movie beastly: )

well .. . atleast gona watch it good now

oh, i have an idea.

it'll trade you my sob-story
for 500 faves.

you wonder how its possible for me to stay so happy
how you never see a tear
how my anger last a second
how even when im upset i still say its ok
then one day you see my wrist
and it all comes crashing down
this perfect world of mine isn't real
im not who you thought i was
im not as strong
i am not brave i can just fake it
it makes you sick to see those pink scars
they fill my wrist my legs my hips
they all have a story id love to share
but baby im scared you'll leave
if you realize im not perfect
this isn't really me</3

I am starting a VIDEO blog on teen stuff like

stuff we like and think about...

Any ideas on good topics to talk about???

Beauty isn't something that's "attractive"
it's something that brings joy to you.


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