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I Love You Demi Lovato  ♡

Stay Strong  ♡ 



If theres a qoute on witty lik 20  bizillion times. I DONT needa hear  it again.


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     never let the fear of striking out 
     keep you from playing the game.
- The Cinderella Story


Me: when I'm upset, and you can drive, will u go out, buy me ice cream and a chic-flick, and come over to watch it with me?
Him: Chocolate ice cream and the Notebook, right?
Me: :)) yesss, promise?
Him: Pinky promise

born from a boombox

& what does it have to take
    for you to just notice me?

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the first time you fall in love...
it changes your life FOREVER <3
& no matter how hard you  try

the feeling never goes away~

ok girls i need your help... i really like this guy and by the end of the summer i want to be his girlfriend:) we talk all the time and we joke around a lot! i really like him and I'm not sure what to do? Can you please help me?:/ 

I just got outta a BADD relationship.. 6 months of on again off again, we never lasted more than a week.. But I'm over him.. honestly am, he has a new love.. and I'm happy for the kid[:

I met this boy, a few weeks ago, we talked for like 5 minutes,  he was beyond beautiful, inside and out..
lastnight, we saw eachother again.. he begged me for my number, and we texted until 5:30 in the morning. he called me: Baby girl, babe, sweetheart,, or beautiful girl.. in every message.. but.. we just really started talking lastnight... and we barley talked today, does he really like me... or just kinda felt bad?://

I have Horrid luck with boys... and have NO clue how to flirt, (:


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Aerosmith, Dream on

Should I start a series?

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