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Cyber bully taught me how to stand up for my self. I'm tired of being bullied & seeing bullies. 

fav if your against bullying.



 witty is a website where girls can just vent and get advise ♥ So if your going to be one of those girls that don't give a sh*t , don't give your opinion, cause all you are doing is making a bad matter ,  worse .  
you never know what the girl could be going through. </3



" I f   y o u   w o u l d n ' t   d o   i t   i n   p e r s o n ,   y o u   s h o u l d n ' t   d o   i t    o n l i n e ! "

- Phineas & Ferb


I'm sick of
-faking smiles
-faking laughs
-holding back tears
-Giving second chances about 458767833 times.
-People are so fake
-Starting to really realize ALL my flaws
-Guys think playing girls is the funniest game to play
But most of all..
-believing the things you say.


You never know how Strong you are till being Strong is your only choice

you want me?

                                                                         come find me.

Harry Potter quote #5

i'll join you when hell freezes over.

     love                 money            life               food                fame                 beauty
heartbreak          debt            death          hunger         loneliness      insecurity

... isn't it funny how, underneath the surface, the good things in life are always a thin line from the worst things in life?
roses are re
violets are blue
love never crossed my mind until the day i met you <3

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