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He's just not

that into you.



I am growing up too fast.... Andy gave away his toys, Hannah gave away her secret, and Zach and Cody graduated....
doesnt it take skill to trip on flat surfaces,,, me and ohyeahx2 are pros at it,,, jealous much  :)

The more I'm forced to do something..
the less I love it



Sometimes it's too complicated
to tell someone why i'm crying.                            {or just why I'm  s a d } 

, Because i know if I tell them they won't completely understand;;
no matter how much they want to. Because they're not the


ones dealing with my situation.


25 Days of Harry Potter

2. Year you got into Harry Potter

The year that I got into harry potter was when I was in fifth grade... So, 2006 is when I started reading the books and watching the movies. <3 (:

Fall in love, take a chance

In Danger
Chapter One.

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and Hannah decided that it was time to call if off with her boyfriend. You see lately her boyfriend Ian was being so inconsiderate and self-centered. She was getting sick of it. He wouldnt call her as much as he used to and all he really wanted was s ex from her. Hannah picks up her phone and dials his number. No answer. So she tries again. He picks up. "hello?" Hannahs a little scared "hi Ian we need to talk, i dont think we shou-" ian cuts her off "dont even tell me your breaking up with me, not after all weve been threw. Thats ridiculous" Hannah starts to tear up " but nothings really been the same since we first started dating and i think i wanna change things up a bit and meet new people, im really sorry" Hannah hangs up and throws her phone across the room breaking her lamp in the process. she collapses on the floor and cries. She knows shes the one who brought the pain onto herself but it still hurt. Her phone starts to ring she scrambles across the floor to get it hoping its her best friend Mary but the collar ID is un identified. She decides to answer it. "hello?" stranger "i know what you just did i heard. and now that frees you up for what i wanna do *chuckles* if you telll anyone that i called you wont see the light of day of monday. understand?" Hannah is shaking now "wait who is this?" and the line went dead.

Tell me what you think and if i should create a chapter 2

happpy 2 1/2 year anniversary babby ♥

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