Quotes added on Wednesday, July 20 2011

always be yourself,
there's no one better!

-selena gomez.

Why do people put photos up that they look really good and say they look bad?
  I'm starting to think its to make me feel jealous

If so it's working, good job.

not my font, credit to whoever

some people care to much,

i think its called

-winnie the pooh.♥




thanks for telling me mom, but I don't have an attitude.

Wanna    f**K?

I  wish that i could have this moment for life.

Sometimes goodbye is a second chance


should be easier

than holding on,

but somehow

it takes too much strength

to just walk away.

[] [] []





It wasn’t supposed to play out like this.
Him, and me we didn’t go together. Peanut butter and jelly, they go together.
Our two names? I could never see them together.
No one could.
But, my friend a little thing called fate did. Somehow, it managed to put the two of us together on a crazy roller coaster called high school. But everything great has to end right? Every great period of time in history came to a dramatic stop. So, my time had come to an end, today.
Today was the day. He was gone, and there was a chance that I might never see him again, ever. It broke my heart to see him go, and I’m wondering if it broke his, knowing that I had to stay.
Two years can be a long time to some people. To me, it had flown by. One minute I was walking into school as a sophomore ready to enjoy the year, and the next minute my name’s being announced and I’m handed a diploma.
It was all too much to handle.
Looking back I see that they were the best years of my life. Now, I am only eighteen, but I’m pretty sure when I look back on my life thirty years later my opinion won’t change.
If we were as happy, loving, and great as everyone thought we were, then why did everything change?
There are so many questions that I ask myself that no one has the answers to.
But I do know one thing, my name is Grace Rivera and I’m in love.
You may be wondering, “If you’re in love then why don’t you go get him?”
I wish I could, but I just can’t. But I will tell you our story.
It all started two years ago on that sunny September day in Belmont, North Carolina, the first day of sophomore year.

*HEY GUYS. how do you like it?! feedback and favs please (:

"Wherever the wind blows me you're still the one and only girl on my mind no, there aint no one better so always remember, always remember girl you're mine.."""

(I'm trying to read your shirt !) 

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