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This is kind of sad and long but worth reading. 

Today I had a lacrosse game and where I live, it was really hot and humid.
I got this feeling earlier in the day that I was going to score a goal.
I also had a feeling like someone was watching me. 
So I get to the game and get put on midfield. 
(For those who don't know this term, it means I can run anywhere.)
I was behind the goal and one of my teammates passed me the ball.
I waited with the ball until I realized what I wanted to do.
I took the ball, ran around the crease (this is where the goalie stands, no one but the goalie can be in it.)
Three defenders were guarding me. 
I kept running and then quick, I turned and took a shot. 
The ball landed in the upper right hand corner of the net and I scored. 
I was happy.
But it wasn't until after the game that I felt the accomplishment.
I got into the car and my mom congratulated me. 
Then she said, "Mae Mae (my grandmother) would have been proud. You did great.".
I said, "Thanks Mom. But why would Mae Mae be proud of me?"
My mother said quietly, "Today was the anniversary of her death."
That's what I lost it. 
Not only with sadness but also with good feeling.
Not only did I score for my team, I scored for my Mae Mae who I know was looking down from heaven, cheering me on.

It's been 7 years since my Mae Mae passed away from heart disease.

I love you Mae Mae and miss you so much. ♥


Not a day goes by when I 

ain't getting high.  They 

Wonder why don't i go get 

myself a job so i can make 

them bucks, but i don't give 

a f**k, cause' i feel great, 

B*TCH i feel great (:

- mac miller ♥

&& She really loved him;  
But in the end, he didn't really love her.

With friendship, it's not about how long you have known each other, or how many fights you have gotten into.. it's about who said "I'll be there for you, no matter what", and meant it.<3


Sometimes it doesn’t matter

how   many   people   actually   love

you   unless   that   one   person

loves you the way you love them.

Everyday I look at his sweet, little face and I wonder if he will ever understand He has saved my life.
Why does Munroe Chambers have to be so damn hot?:)<3

♥ It all started with,..
Chapter 2


Well wasn't that just a lovely awakening. "What the heck is that for!? Couldn't you see that I was peacefully sleeping?" 

"Wah,wah, cry me a river! But guess who commented on your status!"

Still tired I couldn't really get the point of what she was trying to say,so I decided to close my eyes and try to fall asleep again. But as soon as I closed my eyes a pillow wacked me in the face. I am not a morning person,so by then I was getting annoyed with Nicole.  "What do you want." 

"You never answered my question! Guess who commented on your status!"

I figured i better answer her so i could go back to sleep so i just told her I dont know,tell me.
"BRYAN!" she yelled at me.

 Well that woke me up. "What!? Stop lying,did he really Nicole!?"
I grabbed her phone away from her and sure enough he commented on my status about my last night post,I wasn't sure on what to reply with so I just liked his comment. While I was still staring at the comment out of no where Nicole told me that I should message him. Is she insane? I can't just randomly start talking to him. Then he'll know for sure that I like him. I just told her nah,that's okay,and handed her phone back.

"If YOU wont message him,then I WILL." 
Hah,good luck I already logged out I told her. Suddenly she jumped up,and ran to the bathroom screaming "WELL I GUESS ITS TOO BAD I KNOW YOUR PASSWORD!" After a minute I heard the bathroom door lock.

Damn I thought,..She's good.

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The Awkward Moment

When The Whole Class

Stares At You When

Youre Comming Back

From The Bathroom

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We used to be so close
&& When did it fall apart♥

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