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War Doesn't determine whos right 

It determines whos left.
-Be happy your alive-

I love you like a love song baby.

If life is like a box of chocolates, why can't I buy a new one?? </33


part twenty seven


 A few days later we were back in school. We survived that crazy field trip and in a week, we could say we survived another year of high school. Looking back, I really can't believe all the things I went through this year. I experienced some of the happiest and most heart breaking days ever in my life. My dream boy fell just as much in love with me, as I was in love with him. My enemy, who later became one of my best friends, tried to ruin my relationship and make Brandon cheat/break up with me. My friends proved they really are my friends and they always will be.
At the beginning of this year I felt invisible. I thought no one noticed me, cared about me, wanted me, or was even jealous of me. I thought that when I walked through the halls I would never change some one's life like so many people had changed mine.
Yes, at one time in my life I felt invisible. But now, with the help of a few good friends, I'm only invisible to those who can't except that this is me, Taylor, and that's all I am: A teenage girl with big dreams who won't stop until she achieves them.


Beautiful Girl

Her eyes met with mine
they glimmered like sunshine
her beautiful voice gives me light

beautiful girl do you love me?
beautiful girl can't you see?
i'm blinded by your beauty
take my hand and show me the way

i awake alone
in the darkness of my own home
it had all been a dream
but then the memories came rushing back to me

beautiful girl do you love me?
beautiful girl can't you see?
i'm blinded by your beauty
take my hand and show me the way

this is the song he wrote for me <3


when you see my face:
hope it gives you hell.
when you walk my way:
hope it gives you hell.



Type your name: Lora
Type your name with your elbow: Lora

Type your name with your eyes closed:Lora

Type your name with your nose: Lora

Slam your face into the keyboard: bgy basf

LMFAO I didnt know i was so good at this.

everyone is entitled

to their own opinion... it's just that your's is stupid.



if you think you have the worst life,

 always remember

 there's people out there that would be willing to die too have what you got.



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